Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Freindly G'day :)

Hey all!
Been doing a lot of scrapping lately! :) Its been really great. At the moment i have been doing dress forms wearing corsets, they are so cute and you can really make them any colour you want. I have made about 7 so far, I have made a red one, a blue one, a pink one, a vintage one, an animal skin one and a emo wedding dress type one :) they look really awesome!. Lol, Well i still have a few to go, I want to do a purple, Yellow, Orange and Green one and hopefully they will be finished by the weekend and i can show you all pictures of them.
Have a great day :)
Talk Soon
- Em xx


  1. :D G'day Em...can't wait to see all the dress forms you have been creating!!

  2. Yeah, there a heaps of them lol. I have about 3-4 to go :) hope I get them done by saturday arvo x