About Me

Hey guys, I'm Emma, I'm 17 years old and love to scrap :) I live in a small town so there isn't much to do to occupy yourself. Kim introduced me scrap booking about a year ago and i have been really into it ever since. She teaches me a lot of cool techniques and styles in the wide world of scrapping. I feel that there aren't enough teen scrappers out there and i wanted to show people that teenagers also love the crafty things as much as anyone else. Don't get me wrong though, my blog is to show ANYONE what i can do.
I guess I just want other teens to see how great it is and how proud I am for being a scrapper and the joys it can bring to your life.
I hope to show people what i can do and what i can achieve. I guess my goals are to be a member or co- designer of a really awesome scrapping site and to reach my full potential :)

hopefully you will check out my blog and enjoy what I have to offer!
Talk soon
- Em