Saturday, 26 March 2011

Fianlly Finished My Dress Forms And Corsets!

Hello All!
I have finally finished making my dress forms and corsets!. I'm so happy, they took a while but they finally got done :) Its getting a bit cooler now over here in Australia!. I may have to get my knitting out again. I do have pictures of my creations including a tag that i have just finished making ( literally just finished lol) on here also. There are pictures of that too!.
                                           These are the dress forms.....
                                          These are the corsets....
                                                     And this is my vintage tag!
I have never done a proper tag like this before and I was really happy with the outcome! I hope you all like the pics i have and if you want to see my corsets and dress forms individually you can check them out in my gallery! They look better closer but I couldn't put them all individually on this post lol, it would be huge!
anyway, Talk Soon
- Em xx