Friday, 1 July 2011

Something For Christmas

Hey All!
I hope your all doing well and keeping up your wonderful scrapping skills :) I know that its a little bit early for Christmas decorations but I have made a Christmas door hanger out of puzzle pieces and other Christmas themed things. The base of the hanger is actually a Cd, a Cd that was scratched and no longer worked of course. You can also stick a magnet on the back and stick it on the fridge. Its really fun to make and the best thing is, is you can make as many as you want!
Talk Soon
Happy Scrapping!
-Em xx


  1. That really neat. Good way to recycle scratched or useless CD's- with kids I should have one or two scratched every now and then. lol. TFS.

  2. Thanks :) Yeah well you cant really do anything else with CD's so I guess it's the only way to recycle them!
    - Emxx