Thursday, 26 May 2011

Nothing New :(

Hey All!
I haven't got any new creations at the moment. I have been to busy this week working out my TAFE courses and of course living lol. I do hope to get back to scrapping by the weekend, I thought I would just leave a note for all my followers and other people who are welcome to see my blog to tell you all that I wont have any creations until next week to save you the time of checking my blog and see no change lol.
On another note, I just wanted to let all my followers and other people who visit my blog that I am very grateful for your support and appreciate all the nice comments that you leave on my blog posts. I made this blog expecting not many people to follow, maybe 15 followers in total and when I found out that I even had 20 I was very excited, now I have 30 followers and I appreciate it so very much!!!
Talk Soon
-Em xx


  1. Em have a nice little time off from crafting! I love my followers too!

  2. Yeah need to get back into it now! lol. Having trouble finding motivation!